American Business Association


6. Platinum Business Member

The Terms and Conditions for Platinum Business Membership below include and are in addition to the Terms and Conditions regarding:

1. Privacy and Security Policy

2. Platform Users

3. Consumer Users

4. Basic Business Member

5. Silver Business Member

By registering as a Platinum Business Member with the American Business Association (the “ABA”), submitting material to our business platform (“Platform”) or using any of our website services, you are expressly agreeing to all these Terms and Conditions.

Platinum Business Member Registration Requirements: Use the Sign Up link located in the Platform header to register for the first time and provide the information above.

Platinum Business Member Benefits: Using the ABA’s name, marketing and advertising expertise, we associate with your business to assemble and administer marketing and advertising campaigns for Platinum Business Members. We use our volume buying power to broker the following services with advantageous pricing:

  1. Google Pay-per-Click
  2. Social Media
  3. Radio advertising
  4. TV advertising

We acknowledge your reputation after passing our qualification tests and welcome you as a Platinum Business Member that we can trust with:

  1. Platinum Business Member welcome letter
  2. ABA Platinum Business Member Certification
  3. Profile badge notification of Platinum Membership status

Platinum Business Membership Fees: Platinum Business membership fees are in addition to the fee applicable to Silver Business Members. The Platinum Membership fees are negotiable and depend on the quantity, intensity and time duration of the ABA services that Platinum Business Members wish to use. Platinum service contracts start at $1,500.00 per month and have a minimum duration of four months.

Terms and Conditions Changes: The ABA reserves the right to change, modify or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice to ABA members or outside entities.