American Business Association


5. Silver Business Member

The Terms and Conditions for Silver Business Membership below include and are in addition to the Terms and Conditions regarding:

1. Privacy and Security Policy

2. Platform Users

4. Basic Business Member

By registering as a Silver Business Member with the American Business Association (“ABA”), submitting material to the ABA business platform (the “Platform”) or using any of our website services, you are expressly agreeing to all these Terms and Conditions.

Pre-Qualification Process: Upon receipt of payment and completion of our online Background Authorization form, the ABA will conduct a background check for criminal activity and professional reliability. Upon passing the background check and posting valid business registration with the state, the Business Member will be awarded Silver Membership status with the right to use the Platform subject to all the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

Background Check Failure: If the Business Member fails the background check, the ABA will refund the Silver Membership payment, minus a $99.00 fee which covers the background check and some administration.

Proof of Valid Business Registration with the State: The ABA requires proof of valid business registration with the state of incorporation. The Membership Status page within your ABA business profile contains the location where a copy or link of your valid Business Registration with the State can be loaded and posted to your business profile. If the Silver Member fails to post a valid notice of business registration with their state of incorporation on their ABA business profile, the ABA can withhold Silver Membership privileges until valid proof is posted and is not liable for the return of any portion of the membership fee that the applicant has paid.

Silver Business Member Benefits: In addition to the benefits enjoyed by Basic Business Members, Silver Business Members enjoy:

  1. Full accreditation with:
    1. Certificate of accreditation
    2. Profile notification of Silver Membership status
  2. Right to use the ABA logo and brand in accordance with the Trademark Usage Policy listed below. Enhanced online visibility with a strengthened ABA business profile acknowledging:
    1. Passing a background check
    2. Valid business registration with the state
  3. The option to sign up to receive new, exclusive, qualified Consumer Requests:
    1. Pre-screened by the ABA
    2. Focused on your industry sub-category and geographic region
    3. Kept within the ABA network
    4. Received at no additional cost:
      1. Posted as soon as they are received and they pass the ABA checks
      2. Posted regardless of the quantity the ABA receives
    5. Accept only those you wish to respond to:
      1. Subject to Pay for Performance terms and conditions
  4. The sign up process to respond to ABA Consumer Requests is located in the business member’s profile dashboard and is accessible only after full accreditation as a Silver Business Member has occurred.

Annual Silver Business Membership Fee: As of 2017, there is a recurring annual fee of $399.00 for a Silver Business Membership. Discounts can be offered at the ABA’s discretion. The (ABA reserves the right to change, modify or alter this fee and discount structure at any time and without notice to ABA members or outside entities.

Trademark Usage Policy: Silver Business Members may use the ABA logo and other ABA trademarks on their business website and in their marketing generally, subject to the ABA Trademark Usage Policy as provided by the ABA and as modified by the ABA from time to time in its sole discretion. In the event that the Silver Business Member ceases to be a Silver Member, the foregoing usage right shall automatically terminate without any requirement of notice to the Business Member or further action by the ABA.

Terms and Conditions Changes: The ABA reserves the right to change, modify or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice to ABA members or outside entities.